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Your search for Specialists in custom developed EMBEDDED SYSTEMS SOLUTIONS and Internet of Things AUTOMATION SOLUTIONS ends here. We are a Bengaluru, India based developer who undertake total development projects for Embedded System Hardware and Software design. We offer high level of technical skill and competence in the domain of Embedded systems. We have a range of customised products for Protocol Converters,CAN Interface implementations, wired RS485, Bluetooth to RS485, WiFi and Bluetooth data communication network based solutions ,Production Line testing Automation , Heat Stress Monitor , Indoor Air Quality Monitor and Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions. We have also implemented embedded control systems with ANDROID interface and cloud storage, so as to achieve simplified User interaction

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About Us

We are an organisation with vast experience in computer hardware and software design. We specialise in developing embedded systems for niche market applications.

The numerous projects that we have implemented for our customers cover wide range of domains in Industrial Automation, Medical Data Acquisition, CAN and MODBUS Protocol Conversions,Instrument Data Acquisition, Wifi and Bluetooth data Acquisition applications, Sensor interfacing, Energy monitoring, Temperature monitoring and Internet of Things (IoT) Applications. Most of our embedded applications are developed with ANDROID tablet/phone based User interface so that they have universal appeal and lower costs.

The whole range of instruments that we have implemented interfaces with, include YOKOGAWA power meters family, Konika Minolta Optical Measurement systems,Spectrophotometers, Schneider Electric Energy Meters, Power meter and Power Analysers, Elmeasure Energy Meters and Power Meters and lot more. Our customers come from SME sector, Public sector organisations, and defence establishments.

We are eager to put our skills at the disposal of our esteemed customers for developing new and innovative solutions for their IT/Manufacturing and IoT problems. Hard work and dedication to the task at hand have been the hallmark of our endeavours and we strive to the best of our abilities to derive the most cost effective solutions for the most complex of the projects that are presented to us, using the multiple platform skill sets that we have developed over the years.

  • We are Specialists in Embedded Systems Design
  • We undertake customised development of ANDROID based device interfaces
  • We have implemented a good number of IoT solutions
  • Wired or Wireless Data Communications for Automation - we have the expertise

Our Services

Embedded Systems

We custom Design embedded computer products, based on ARM and PIC processor platforms, with Real time Operating system firmware, with digital and analog signal processing and ANDROID device front end

Product Consultancy

We custom design embedded computer boards for sensors, different types of inputs and outputs to specifically cater to your product design needs. We design and develop complete Board support package for such custom designed hardware

Industrial Production Testing

No matter what electrical product that you produce, it needs quality checks to be done. What better way of increasing productivity than automating the test systems? We custom design automated test systems for production lines

M2M Implementations

We have implemented data acquisition systems with CAN and MODBUS as also custom protocol for data acquisition from different machines as well as medical devices such as ECG machine, EMG and Bedside monitors. If you are looking for electronics development for your medical device, or M2M applications, we can be of help

Protocol Conversion

We have implemented projects with data conversion from MODBUS RTU, MODBUS ASCII and MODBU/TCP and CAN to other industrial protocols. If your project has anything to do with MODBUS protocol, we could be your partner of choice

Internet of Things

We have expertise in IoT projects. We work with our associate companies to implement complete data acquisition, Data delivery and Data analytics


Our Works

Below is the showcase of various products that we have implemented

Heat stress monitor

Heat Stress Monitor

A custom designed Comfort Index Monitor for monitoring comfort level inside aircraft cockpit
Modbus Gateway

Modbus Gateway

Used for Energy Meter Data Acquisition in Electric Supply company substations
Modbus multiprotocol isolating interface

Modbus Multiprotocol Isolating Interface

Used to set up a MODBUS network of machines (M2M communication)
Multivibration simulator

Multivibration Simulator

Used for physiological condition monitoring of Aircraft Pilots under three axis vibration stress
RS232 485 Converter

RS232 485 Converter

Auto transmit enabled Isolating RS232 to RS485 converter for implementing wired industrial networks
RS485 Isolator

RS485 Isolator

Sensor data aquisition system controller board

Sensor data aquisition system controller board

Our Process


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